Submit a Color Name

We're going to regret this...

Seriously, do you understand how unfunny people are? If we had to create a pack of just customer suggestions, we're pretty confident 23 of the crayons would be the N-word and 1 crayon would be called "period blood red". 

We're taking a risk. And one lucky person is going to get their color name put in our porn/sex pack....and $500.

Contest ends September 1st (or whenever we feel like it). 

Think you've got an awesome color name? You probably don't. 
But on the off chance you do, here's some of the guidelines we used to create Offensive Crayons. 
  • Does it offend anyone or make a point? 

  • Is there a joke or at least an alliteration to make it sound fun?

  • If it's topical, then it'll likely not work. Remember, we live in a 24 hour news cycle. The joke might not work 2 months from now let alone 2 years from now. 

  • Will I get sued for using this person's/organization's name?

  • If it's super political, it's likely topical and likely won't work a few years from now.

  • Will the dumbest person I know get the joke? (MUST be obvious)

  • Does a joke about X group/ action/ thing already exist in one of the sets?

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