We found one sick guy and are paying him to cough into an envelope. Then we’re mailing you that envelope.

Is this considered bio-terrorism?
No, it’s capitalism.

What will come in the envelope? 
We’re hoping COVID-19, but no guarantees.

Has the person who’s coughed into the envelope tested positive for COVID-19?¬†
As of March 13th, less than 7,000 Americans have been tested, and this guy isn’t one of them. It’s like Russian roulette, except way less exciting.

Can I send it to someone else?
Arguably a glitter bomb or a Hallmark card (without money) is as offensive as sending them this.

Is this a joke?
We’d like to consider it art at this point.

Buy COVID-19, and you’re automatically entered into willing a pack of toilet paper!
Winner Announced March 28th

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